URCosmetix collections

Beauty meets Trends

URCosmetix is a line of fun-ready-to-play make-up collection designed by Daphney Antoine.  Daphney has worked in many facets of the fashion industry for over 20 years.  She's always wanted to offer to the general public the same services that she offers on photo-shoots, video-tapings, fashion shows and editorials.  With the central idea of creating a unique access to the world of fashion and beauty on a more affordable level, Daphney has decided to offer a season focused make-up line with each season directly inspired from current runway trends..  

Not everyone can afford a fresh-off-the-runway fashion, with that in mind URCosmetix offers a vicarious opportunity to experience fresh-off-the-runway make-up collections that is affordable.

Picture does not do justice to the DIAM brushes.  A must see and feel item!

DIAM brushes

This beautiful set of make-up brushes was created and designed by Daphney.  She was inspired by the feel of Shiseido cosmetic brushes and the shape of Victoria Secret brushes.  Daphney was an International Artist with Sheseido back in Ireland and is very comfortable with working the highest grade of bristles. When it was time for her to put her name to a product such as the DIAM brushes she knew she would only accept the most luxurious feeling bristles. The shape of the brushes came about when she was working on the Victoria Secret fashion and she was handed a set of their brush and took notice on the way the brushes stood on her make-up station. When Daphney went into production she decided to add the grade of the Armani bristles in order to give the bristles more body. (Shiseido and Amani were Daphney's two favorite make-up brushes before she developed her own line of make-up brushes).

DIAM brush set consist of:

Powder Brush, Blush Brush, Foundation/Concealer Brush 

BONUS: Brush bag (visit store to get more details on the bag).