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Daphney Antoine

 Daphney is know by the company she keeps! Years of experience in the fashion, corporate and commercial industry has granted her with profound knowledge in photography, styling, hair and make-up. What sets her apart from other's in the visual image industry are her dept of knowledge and experience. Daphney is a powerhouse ready to help you magnify your project. 

Client List:  New York Times Magazine, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Hello Magazine, Red Magazine, , London Evening Standard,  Harper’s Bazaar, MTV, E Entertainment, Irish Tatler, Gloss Magazine, Off The Rails Ireland, Confetti Magazine, Irish Times, Life Magazine, Irish Mail on Sunday,   RTE (Irish Television), RTE Guide, Magic City (Starz network TV show), Boca Magazine, Worth Avenue, Delray Magazine, Dunes Jewelry, Vineyard Vines, Perry Ellis, Banyan Hill...

Daphney  who has  worked across multiple facets of the media: Print, Fashion editorials, Television, PR Promos (i.e. Corporate advertising, Annual Reports and Executive Image Branding.)

Ever since her childhood in New York City, Daphney has been enchanted by the creative arts.  Relocating to Miami in her teens brought opportunities to work with many of the leading print titles & production companies.

Daphney professional study of the creative arts in Paris and her love affair with the language & culture of the fashion capital has imbued her work with a unique sensibility that visibly rewards the discerning client.

After years in Europe working mainly between London, Paris & Dublin, Daphney returned to the US energized & ready to contribute to the beginning of the next chapter of her career. The evolution of Daphney has brought her back to her true love, photography. Through photography, Daphney has gained the understanding and appreciation for the value of aesthetics. She utilizes her new found knowledge and past experiences to help magnify her clients.


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Daphney Antoine