Ralph Lauren 2015 Spring Collectiom

This collection speaks for itself... Exqusite!


Published on Sep 12, 2014

"My women's collection for Spring 2015 is about an exotic kind of luxury, the spirit of a romantic safari emboldened by luminous colors played against the heritage of pure khakis in sleek and modern shapes. It is a personal style that is sophisticated and timeless." - Ralph Lauren



What's your Undertone?

As a make-up artist I know and understand the value of a persons undertone.  Each time I'm working with a model or a celeb I always bare in mind their undertone.  The undertone of a person can be "Cool or Warm".  When it comes to make-up it is very important to know your undertone. For example the wrong lipstick tone could make you look washed-out or muddy.  I can never express enough the value of keeping your undertone in mind whenever you a buying make-up.

OMG Halloween is her!

My last blog I wrote about creating the 50's look for Halloween... well! here we are and the look has not been created. Since I do not use professional models I am always searching for the "girl / face" for the look I have in mind.  A girl that would photographed well and that would best represent the feel and mood of the inspiration.  I will continue my search and when I find my 50's Diva I will do the make-up, photographed the process so you can achieve the look at home.  

Sexy for Halloween


Who says you should look scary on Halloween.

Starz Network Magic City re-created The Look of the 50's with a very sexy twist. 

Starz Network Magic City re-created The Look of the 50's with a very sexy twist. 

 A girlfriend of mine was invited t a dress up party themed "Your favorite eccentric celeb".  Because of time constraint, she was thinking of what might she already have that she could wear to this party.  Instead of focusing on the clothes we focused on an era and what could she achieve with make-up and hair (she can always label the look later). In this case, the focus should be Make-up & Hair,  not only the clothes.  This was going to be a very big party and everyone would have made a serious effort to stand-out.  After long and very focused discussions I came up with an idea... since I had work on the first season of Magic City for Starz Network. I suggested that she goes as Vera and her husband as Ike the main characters.  It was a look that I was very comfortable to create and it's a very recent show that most would know and probably love.  Once they agreed we got to work on creating the look and catering the look to her.  In this case she became the "Star" because it was a look that she could carry.  

For Halloween this year think of Make-up & Hair first. Think of what would best compliment you and what will make you stand out.  Stay sexy this Halloween. 

I will be doing a shot in the next week to re-create the Magic City 50's look. Visit the Shop for the images and do not forget to "Shop The Look".